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Land of Dreams

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«Land of Dreams» is about Cechell Oftedal’s (27) story, from being a street child in Manila, to become a successful store manager and founder of a charity organization in Norway. She came with her mother at the age of 14. What did it feel like to sleep in a bed for the first time ever, coming from a life where she used to sleep on a piece of cardboard on the street?

Genre: Documentary
Prod. year: 2017
Directed by: Svein Molaug
Photography: Rune Sørensen
Producers: Svein Molaug / Rune Sørensen / Sandra Bianco

Produced and filmed by Vinterfilm 2016/2017. Land of Dreams was broadcasted on channel “FEM” in Norway April 2017.

Poster (click for large image):

Stavanger 72

Kunde: Stavanger Kommune
Byrå: procontra

Hvor lenge klarer du deg i en krise? Fem timer? Ett døgn? Basert på en idé av Kristoffer Joner har vi i samarbeid med procontra produsert denne filmen for Stavanger Kommunes kampanje “Stavanger72”.

Skuespillere: Rolf Kristian Larsen, Line Henriksen, Hedvig Tørneng
Manus: Pia Winther, Ulrikke V. Mitchell
Idé: Kristoffer Joner
Regi/klipp: Svein Molaug
Foto/lys: Peter Ask, Rune Sørensen
Lyddesign/5.1 mix: Rune Sørensen
VFX/Grading: Rune Sørensen
Lydsjef opptak: Gunnar Hauge
Sminkør: Sham Jaff

Flater: Kino, Sosiale medier